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As we get close to release...

Testers are appreciated, as ever.
There are already quite a few of you who I've been playing with in the evenings, and we've found a lot of minor issues while doing that.

Copy and paste build instructions for ubuntu/debian.

approximate feature list

Please file bugs on:
(check for existing reports first!)

Try testing new features and utilities/weapons. Try to come up with unanticipated behaviour combinations.


p.s. - for the hat creators.

Is the current list of hats.
Hats on:
that have red squares around them are ones that have pixel errors. Most of them it is subtle. Try changing to a light coloured or dark coloured theme. Some it is pretty clear.
Hopefully someone will fix them so they can be included. Otherwise, they will probably end up in a content pack on:

Time for our list of after release work-arounds!

Hi guys. Just like a few of my other blog entries, I'm here to cover the bad news and the workarounds.

1) OSX will desync with other operating systems if playing the Blizzard map (used by the CTF_Blizzard mission as well).

And place those in /applications/games/ on the OSX machine.

2) Snow and Christmas themes, and maps that use them, will crash if Reduce Quality is all the way to the left, due to flakes not being optional on those themes. If possible, increase the Reduce Quality slider by 1 to the right. If not possible and you are able to do your own build, I can provide a patch against 0.9.15. Basically amounts to applying:
Another workaround if you want to try these themes and must use maximum reduce quality is to create a scheme with a border. This will disable snow.

3) CTF Blizzard map, as well as suffering from (2) will also crash if the Reduce Quality slider is 1 to the right of far left. Fix is to either increase it 1 more to the right or download:
and copy it to your local Data/Maps/CTF_Blizzard directory.

Oh, and looks like still applies

Note. This only impacts users using the German, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese locales. Thanks to Henek for investigating and identifying the offending strings.

A crash was discovered as of this release, probably related to the increase in translated text. It impacts only these 3 well maintained locales, and only under Windows. The reason for it isn't precisely known (Freetype2 bug? some underlying Windows system thing it uses?). We do have a couple of workarounds though.

1) Easiest. Just switch to English or some other language you understand that is not German/Swedish/Brazilian Portuguese in config settings. Don't forget to restart Hedgewars after changing languages.

2) Change the crashing strings. Henek has thoughtfully fixed the few strings with similar ones that don't seem to crash.
a) Download
b) Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Hedgewars\share\hedgewars\Data\Locale and copy 3 files in the zip there.

We're gonna look into this, hopefully a better solution can be found.

Let us know if any other locales have problems!

Oh, then there is solution #3... install Linux

Happy Halloween

Palewolf demonstrates his portal skills.

This is an artillery style game, all movement is only using portals. Keep an eye for the bonus crate fountain at the end.
Best watched in high def of course.

Followup. This is sheepluva demonstrating how not to portal hop.

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