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Call for testing: 1st alpha release for 0.9.23

Greetings, testers! Big Grin

Here's the alpha (=preview) version of what will (hopefully) become version 0.9.23. We might post more test releases in the future.

Download 0.9.23 Windows alpha: Hedgewars-0.9.23-alpha.zip

(See below for info on GNU/Linux.)

This is only an early preview version and subject to change! We want to use it to make sure the Windows version works, if there are any serious bugs left, etc. before we make the actual release.

Things we like to see tested:

  • Whether this alpha works at all Big Grin
  • How to make this alpha crash (hopefully not at all)
  • If you found any game-breaking bug
  • Whether you can start an actual game
  • Whether you can record videos
  • Whether the campaigns work

If you can at least reach the main menu, please use the Feedback button to send us your system information, write “0.9.23 Alpha” in the summary. Use this template for the text and say which of those apply (remove if you don't know):

I can start a game: YES/NO
I can record videos: YES/NO
I can start a campaign: YES/NO
I found a crash: YES/NO

For any crashes or failed attempts to start Hedgewars at all, see Bugs to learn how to send us detailed bug reports. Smile

Of course, we always appreciate feedback on new features. See here for a preliminary change log.

GNU/Linux users:
As always, see Building on GNU/Linux, which should still apply. But it is strongly recommended to run:

cd ~/hg/hedgewars/trunk;hg pull -u;hg up 8cc070640fd1;cmake .;make install

To make sure you are in sync with the Windows Alpha. Note you need SDL version 2 now.

Lots of Love for Hedgewars Wiki

The Hedgewars Wiki was always in a very bad state and there was not much to look at. After a couple of days of hard work, the wiki is now in a much more acceptable state.


I am proud to present you:


Important page updates:

Love, Wuzzy.


PS: If you want to help us with the wiki, talk to us in our chat room.

BehindTheHedge: Way Too Big

In the BehindTheHedge series we provide brief glimpses into what's going on at the development side of the game.

In this episode I talk about a lot of different things. Smile The main theme of this post is polishing and quality assurance. But a lot of it!

Hedgewars 0.9.22 released

Hedgewars 0.9.22 has been released!

Get it from the Download page.

This release features a new weapon or map object, the air mine.

This is a floating proximity bomb which will float around and follows hedgehogs who are careless to stand nearby it. Once close enough, the air mine timer starts, after which the air mine will explode. The explosion is weaker than of regular mines, but this is enough to lose a turn and annoy your enemy to death. Wink Smiley

The air mine can appear as land object (like regular mines) or be fired.

New features:

  • New Weapon / Map object: air mine
  • Various tweaks to the interface and in-game chat (See here)
  • Extensive changes to TechRacer: Variable terrain types, enhanced parameters, hwmap interpreter, fuel limiter, etc.
  • Added 6 TechRacer maps
  • Added 3 Speed Shoppa challenges (missions in which you must collect all crates as fast as possible): Shoppa Love, Ropes and Crates, The Customer is King
  • Added 24 new flags, replaced 1 existing flag
  • Improved “Art” theme (See here)
  • Map complexity in the “Tunnels” style can be adjusted by using the map slider
  • Maze size in the “DiagonalMaze” style can be adjusted by using the map slider
  • Added default Sudden Death background music
  • New script (primarily for developers): HedgeEditor

Gameplay tweaks:

  • Hammer now does more damage (50% instead of 1 third) when the Extra Damage utility is used
  • Hammer damage is now rounded up. This means it can be used to execute hedgehogs with only 1 HP
  • Melon bomb pieces, air strike bombs and a couple of other things now bounce on rubber

Bugfixes / minor weaks:

  • Fixed the bad rubber shape
  • TechRacer maps now have proper previews (and they show checkpoints, too)
  • Game modifier “Divided teams” will now just be ignored when using more or less than 2 teams or clans, instead of displaying a fatal error
  • Fixed: Wind indicator being wrong in certain situations
  • Reduced main menu music volume
  • The game will now fall back to the default voicepack if a team's voicepack is not locally installed (instead of rendering the team voiceless)
  • Generated bridges/girders are now connected better to the land mass
  • Many other bug fixes

Here is the full changelog (includes changes to the Lua API):

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