The Customer is King, 136.897s

I finish the custom mission “The Customer is King” (from Speed Shoppa, version 1) in 136.897 seconds.

Narrow Border Camera Bug

Demo for issue 861 ( Recorded in 0.9.21.

Fast-forward until the water border is very narrow. I then constantly toggle the auto-camera. You will see the camera bouncing around.

Shoppa Love, 28.506s

My current personal best time on the custom mission “Shoppa Love” (from Speed Shoppa, version 1):
28.506 seconds.

Crossing border of wrapped world bug

Quick demo showing another bug found, when you crossing a wrap world border which is not a flat surface, also when aiming up using blowtorch you can fall to water through terrain! ;p

map #16 new record

New personal record.

The Hedge Clone Experiment #1

I'm testing the cloned hedgehogs. Each group comes by AI smart level, from group A (the stupidest) to group E (the smartest). Clone Zero which is playable by human is not included in this experiment. The result, Group D win by luck. if there's an error in description, please report to me imediately and I will fix it. Smile

Trophy race bellow 20 sec

Energetic Engineer

Earning a hidden achievement in the Bamboo Thicket mission.

Demo for 0.9.21.

Achievement requirements: Kill the enemy in less than 6 turns without using any bazookas.

Naughty Ninja

Earning a hidden achievement in the Dangerous Ducklings mission.

Demo for 0.9.21.

Achievement requirement: Kill Instructor.

Shoppa Championship 2015 cri.thegrinch vs Rom1 3-2

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