Inf. attack mode bug

My Hog disappeared??? min 3:05

I was playing with Devil, and my princess disappeared (the blue one). What happened????

prooo kami

mikade pro min 9 - shoppa
funny game

trophy under 20 part 2 of server not saving

it happens from 09:55

Bug: immortal hog

Bug happens after harribel's turn (blue team).

Possible cause: kami initiated just before mine explosion.


no dmg from kami?

if perform kami on 3 hogs dmg get only 1

Crazy Cheese & Deagle Highlander Terror

A Highlander game (with custom schemes) in 0.9.21.

Don't mind me complaining about the Deagles, but two weridnesses can be seen:

1: When the cheese is thrown, the stink flies into the wrong direction.
2: I once managed to kill a hog, but I didn't get its weapons.

mines activation

[bug] whip + griders

whip + griders

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