claymore & pterodaktill vs poszy & janusz Round 1


hi, i have found a cool firfist bug, enjoy!

Flying Saucer Floating Bug

Hedgehog-plane bug.

Hedgehog not fly away from the explosion Smile .

Hedge Tosser 3000

Another hedgehog cannon, with miss fire action.

Crazy Cake Bug:)

Hog Fountain

A festive hedgehog fountain.

The Hedge Particle Accelerator

A high energy hedge smasher ~

A machine that brings hedgehogs to a very high speed and then allows them to collide with a target. From studying resulting behavior of the hedgehogs and the target, scientists can deduce the structure and composition of these hogs.

Press s to fast forward through the construction phase.

Bug: Getting stuck in mid-ground using the rope.

You can fast forward (hold s key) till you hear a whole team commiting suicide after player leave - the bug occurs in the next turn.

Scripting fun

Yes, we have basic scripting engine! Geek

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