The bazooka is one of the most basic and most valuable weapons in the hedgehog cadet's arsenal. Lightweight and with plentiful ammo, the bazooka delivers a thin steel shell that explodes on impact, leaving up to 50 damage in its wake.

Unlike similar artillery, the thin casing on the bazooka shells leaves their trajectory highly affected by windy conditions, as such the budding cadet should always check the weather forecast and take it into account before attempting to fire the bazooka.


  • Maximum damage: 50
  • Affected by wind: Yes
  • Charge to fire: Yes
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 3s
  • Crate type: Weapon


Usage Guidelines

Congratulations on your acquisition of the Mark II bazooka, please read this guide fully before attempting to operate the bazooka.

The bazooka should be kept out of reach of children at all times, not to be used whilst intoxicated. Damage caused to the bazooka whilst failing to adhere to these guidelines will result in warranty being voided, and potential death.

Step 1

By placing the bazooka firmly on your shoulders, use the arrow keys to aim carefully at your target, holding Precise (default: left Shift) will allow you to aim more accurately. Check the direction and strength of the wind and prepare to fire.

Hint: Make sure you're holding the bazooka the right way around.

Step 2

Carefully power the shell for launch by holding the Attack key (default: space bar). The longer this key is held, the further the shell will fly, and the greater the effect of wind will be.

Hint: Firing the bazooka at a high angle, directly against the wind is often a bad idea. Please look up Kamikaze in your game manual for a much quicker method of suicide.

Step 3

Watch your shell fly! You have a short period to move your hedgehog after the shell has launched.

Hint: This period is particularly useful if you realise the shell is actually heading back in your direction.


Disclaimer takes no responsibility for loss of hair caused by stress whilst attempting to accurately hit a target with the bazooka, though Tiyuri think's its very funny.

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