Server down! Connect to !

Oh noes! Aghh

It seems that our server was overwhelmed by an army of bugs which it is still struggling with, therefore it cannot operate at the moment!
Don't be afraid though, we have already sent out special trained ninja hedgehogs to kill and devour them all!

Geek In the meantime please use specify under local game to connect to!

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you enjoy playing hedgewars as much as always!

Ermm... when will we get back the server Wink Smiley

Thomas allegedly wrote:

Ermm... when will we get back the server Wink Smiley

Turned out things are more complicated than we thought:

It seems that the hedgewars server was hosted on the fireforge servers, which recently moved to a new system/location/hardware (way too slowly IMO). This caused the outage and unC0Rr needs to contact the admins of fireforge bla bla bla yada yada yada - you get the point Wink Smiley

We are of course discussing alternative solutions for the future.

Also the offical server's dns name should soon point to nemo's server as temporary solution - to make connecting for players easier.

If there should occur any exciting news or reliable timetable regarding this issue I'll post that information either here or in a news post.

i cant connect to

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