The resurrector resurrects a hedgehog from a grave by sacrificing health from the active hog.


It is activated by pressing and holding the Attack key. This slowly transfers health from the active hog to one or more dead hogs; 1 health from the hog transfers to 1 health to all of the dead hogs (Not 2 health being required to resurrect 2 hogs by 1 health each). It can be sped up by simultaneously pressing the up key.
Careful, it is possible to sacrifice all health points of your hedgehog, killing it in the process.


  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility


  • If you are poisoned, put all but 1hp into a nearby grave of yours.
  • If you are playing in infinite attack mode, an impressive combo is to stand on an enemy hog when doing it, after having dropped a grenade or mine, then go all the way to 0. That way they take damage from the mine as well as your death.
  • Various totals matter when resurrecting:
    • 1 HP is the minimum, but easy to wipe out with a single Desert Eagle shot
    • 8 HP requires 2 Desert Eagle shots
    • 26 HP prevents a single shotgun shot
    • 31 HP prevents whipping (which can be done through a girder)
    • 48 HP usually prevents bazooka or grenade
    • 51 HP prevents shotgun
  • If an enemy has ended their turn in an area with many graves, resurrecting them all to 1 HP, then firing a deagle or shotgun blast into one of them can cause a chain reaction of many 30 damage explosions around the enemy. You can then empty the rest of the deagle or shotgun into them. Ditto tossing a grenade down there.
  • You might want to place multiple girders and other obstructions in front of a grave before resurrecting it. That way, your 2nd hog is protected. This would help avoid an enemy win on the next turn, and might be combined with a snowball drowning of an enemy then hiding in the time box.
  • In game schemes like Clean Slate, where you want to prevent an enemy resurrection of their grave, you might want to resurrect that grave yourself, in order to knock the resurrected hog into the water. Unlike graves, you can knock hedgehogs away, e.g. with shoryuken
  • If you want to distract an enemy who is about to destroy you, you might want to resurrect a dead team. If a team has 0 hedgehogs and you resurrect 1 or more of them, they are back in the game. Depending on the turn order, they might even get to attack before the enemy you are really worried about. You might also want to resurrect a dead ally. This can be particularly helpful if ammo is not shared across the clan
  • Which hedgehog you resurrect can also matter in Per Hog Ammo mode. Remembering which grave is which is particularly important in that mode.

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