Hellish hand-grenade

Hellish Hand Grenade


This grenade has been forged in the deepest depths in hell. Unleash it's unholy power and let your enemies suffer in pain! Muhahahaha!


The hellish hand-grenade is a larger and much more explosive variant fo the grenade and deals a large amount of damage and bursts into a hellish amount of flames.


  • Explosion damage: 90
  • Bursts into 128 normal flames and 128 sticky flames
  • Timer: 5s
  • Charge to shoot: Yes
  • Affected by wind: No (except for the flames, of course)
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 3s
  • Crate type: Weapon


Aim, then press and hold down the Attack key to throw with more power.

The hellish hand-grenade has a fixed 5 second timer, and does not have modifiable bounciness.

Better make sure you're in a safe spot and remember the rule “Mind the wind”! Otherwise, hell will unleashed for YOU, and that would be sad. Sad Smiley


This can be used as a very large grenade, as most of the normal grenade's tactics work here, it also helps if the hogs get trapped in the fire, as this spells almost instant death. However, they may survive if they are blown out of the way (mind the wind!).

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