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Write in this topic "only multiplayer games" like Hedgewars.

My proposal:

1. Tactical Ops
2. Unreal Tournament
3. Soldat
4. Worms Armageddon

I know only this games that you can play online. Any suggestions?

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I have been working on Mammoth Gravity Battles, a multieplayer 3D version of gravity wars - an old Amiga/PC artillery game in space.

Mammoth Gravity Battles features a single player campaign, multiple weapons, destructible planets, simultaneous turn based action and up to four player battles on one device - pass and play. It's just been released on Android is getting good reviews, but I am really struggling to get the word out. Its not free, but the Android version is 1 dollar, or similar, so I hope that is not too much. I'd will be releasing on iOS, Mac, PC and Linux shortly.


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Raft battles are similar to hedgewars.

Hi Smile Big Grin

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You could check out Hybrid Beasts which is a unique cross-genre indie game where you explore an open world full of adventures, quests and secrets. The core battles are somewhat similar to Worms, Hedgewars and other games of the artillery genre. However, a main focus is more story driven (you travel around on a map) and there is also a long term competitive component where you try to conquer and defend regions of a world map. By the way, I am the main developer, so there are questions about Hybrid Beasts, please feel free to ask my anything!

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Fighting games are now great PC games like Overwatch Kaufen, World of Warcraft Legion Kaufen and many more variations among PC fighting games to please genre fans.

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