Chat commands

Inside engine chat there are few interesting tricks.


Key Name Effect
T message Send a message to all players
Y Team message Send a message to your clan only
` History Show the last chat messages


These are a separate set of commands to a conveniently torment your opponent after a successful hit!

/me is laughing * USER is laughing


You can make hedgehogs say what you want! If you enclose you message with the following symbols, you'll get a nice cartoon bubble effect. Try it out for maximum hilarity!
" " Normal speech bubble
' ' Thinking bubble
- - Screaming bubble


Once you've got your chat prompt, you use a complete set of commands that interact with the game or with the gameplay. You can also use up and down arrows to navigate through the last messages you sent.
Command Effect
/team Send a message to players belonging to your clan only
/msg Send a message to a single player
/hsa Let your hog say something on next attack
/hya Let your hog scream something on next attack
/hta Let your hog think something on next attack
/fullscreen Switch between fullscreen/windowed mode
/history Show whole chat history (available from 0.9.20)
/pause Pause the game
/finish Resign current game
/quit Close Hedgewars altogether

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