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Hi all! Today I am gonna show you the side missions that I have made.

The first one is for the Desert Planet. Our hero was searching for the device parts in a tunnel when suddenly the tunnel start flooding!
He has to be fast and reach the surface in order to survive. Also, as you can see, there are many mines around there but most of them are dub. However, our hero cannot tell which is active or not, so he has to be careful!

The second mission takes place in the Planet of Ice and more precisely in the stadium of Saucer flying! Our hero as a PAotH aviator cannot resist from trying to prove his skills. In this mission our hero has to use only the flying saucer and pass the red rings in time!

That's the side missions that I have made so far. I am going to reward completing other side missions with bonuses in the main mission but I think that I'll leave these 2 without giving such bonuses.

See you next week with more space campaign stuff :)

Now the side missions were simply awesome.

“Hard Flying” was a nice introduction to “A White Day”.

I have some suggestions to “Hard Flying”:

  • Make use of the ticker to give the player useful infos
    • If the player receives new flying saucers, send a ticker message saying how many flying saucers the player received. Also play the “crate collected” soun, if this is technially possible.
    • If the player reaches a ring, show a ticker message saying how many seconds have been added to the clock.
    • If the player reaches the last ring, neither show extra-seconds nor extra flying saucers, instead just show that the mission has been finished.
  • The actual rules of the game are poorly explained inside the mission, the proper rules are visible only if you failed the mission once. The hedgehog does not really help. I did not know that I get 2 flying saucers per two rings passed until I lost once. Also the "Escape key menu" explanation is poor. Suggestion: Explain the proper rules inside the mission, too.
  • Every second ring gives two flying saucers. It would help if those rings had a different color than the “ordinary rings”.
  • One of the hints is ”Pause the game to have a look where is the next ring.”. This hint is misleading. If I pause the game, I can’t move the camera at all (annoying but true). Suggestion: Remove this hint.

Hard Flying was a pretty cool mission to play, it was a nice challenge. Thanks for this.

The desert side mission made me smile. It’s good old rope racing with mines. Short but fun and nice. There is nothing I suggest here, this mission should stay like it is now.

Thank for your suggestions, I find them very helpful.

Regarding the pause thing you can still zoom in/out but I guess this doesn't always help.

Awesome, everything I suggested actually went into the “Hard Flying” sidemission. Smile

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