TrophyRace2 problem

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Mission map TrophyRace2 problem bad scripts rope racing Sad Smiley

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Hey, are you the guy who sent us a feedback without a reply e-mail address? Smile
We were wondering how to answer.

So, once upon a time, we had a problem with a bunch of mission scripts, so we put out a hotfix on downloadable content.
However, we neglected to delete that hotfix in the next release. So people who still have it, conflict with people who have updated maps.

That's probably your problem.
Should be on TrophyRace, not TrophyRace 2 though... Don't recall changing TrophyRace 2.

Anyway, fix is to open the Data dir (there's a button for that on the DLC page) and delete Mission_Maps_Hotfix.hwp if you still have it.
If you're still having problems, maybe it is someone else's script you installed. Try deleting *that*

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