Indonesia is here too,,,

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Maybe i should say,,, im the one who from Indonesia lefted Sad Smiley
Maybe ? if you Indonesian,,, tell me Big Grin

and i translate Into "Bahasa" if someone need it ^^

,,, C'mon, why these is too short ? please make some comments to make this longer...

"A Idea is The Greatest Virus that can be Spreaded in way that can be say as Reckless, also that when Idea has Grasp our Brain and Mind, then it Almost Impossible to be Erased nor Abolished from Our Mind until the Death Comes... A Small Idea can be High as Sky could be and as Width as How Long Is Universe could be, because Idea is a Seed, a Seed of Infinity Trees that can be Grow as far as we can know, so it can Grow as far Our Universe Can be... Never Underestimate a Small Idea :D"

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