Right,,, we need to fix MANY Problem around Hedgewars Mobile,,,

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hi,,, why i make this post ??? (asking to myself) Aghh

i made the post because want to ask Respected Devs,,,
about the next update will fix those pile of tons problems ??? hope there are no more of them Smile

btw,,, my friend here want to playing Hedgewars in his Mobile,,, BUT ! The icons is SMALL and Airstrike and etc,,,
then ? he moved to Worms in Mobile Sad Smiley

this maybe being the start of this post,,, Sleepy Smiley

i sending massage through this post,,,
Please make Hedgewars Friendly in mobile too Big Grin

ok,,, if you have feedback, suggestions, complain, comment, or ANY except bad Spam,,, please respon if i right or wrong,,, hope i very Wrong ^^


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As you know, Hedgewars was originally a computer game, but all great games branch out to other devices. But as UltiMaxKom states, I too have noticed small bugs.
I know there are two Hedgewars(es), one for Ipad and one for Tablet (Mine)
On mobile, anyway Smile
Here are some small bugs:
--Larger icons (Both versions)
--the airstrikes and Homing bee don't work (Tablet version)
--NO HATS Sad Smiley (Tablet version)
--No maps except for Earthrise; not that Earthrise is not cool Smile (Tablet version)
--Though I don't know what it does; the download button does not do anything (Tablet version)
Thank you for reading my comment and thanks UltiMaxkom for the post Big Grin

Oh man waddup

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