Shoppa poll: With or without air mines?

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Hi! I just want to do a quick poll (out of curiosity) and want to ask you:

Which Shoppa scheme would you like more?

  • Shoppa with air mines (0.9.22)
  • Shoppa without air mines (0.9.21 and earlier versions)
  • Something else?

Thanks for your time. Smile

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I don't play Shoppa, but I hate air mines, so I pick the second one.

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Variety being the spice of life, I like playing both with and without airmines.
That said, shoppa is intimidating and difficult enough for new players without the embarrassment of cruising straight into an airmine just when they finally get airborne, so if I had to vote it would be for without airmines as the default setting.

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Probably the default should be without airmines, but it's easy to set it with or without them, so it's not such a big problem.

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When i Fly through airmines, i feel like a Freebird [Free is Death]
Vote : Without Airmines

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