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When a blowtorch is used on the edge of a wrap map the hedgehog goes backwards and proceeds to fall off the edge of the map. As you can see my hedgehog is now on the cheese slicer in the middle of the map.

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And also there's the bug that a cheese slicer shouldn't be there either.

Seems like there are (or were?) problems when cave map is smaller than actually land space.

I'll try to look into this when I got some time, thanks for letting us know!

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Have send it to nemo but i think still needed to Upload it here

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Here the Demo though :

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demo showing bug is here: http://hedgewars.org/node/6588

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There's something else funny with wrap walls, they acts like bouncing walls if you fly over them using the rope if the wall on the "other" side is just around the wrap line.

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