Construction Mode

Construction Mode is an unique style where all teams are able to build their forts and defend themselves and attempt to wipe out their enemies. There are various structures and bonuses available to aid you.


Power is very important in Construction Mode, it is used to build structures, buy crates and constructions.

Each team starts with 550 power on their first turn. On each further turn, each team earns 50 new power without doing anything. Generators increases the power steadily over time.

The power of the current team is displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen as a small green number above the turn time.

The power is capped at 1000.


Building and using structures

To place a structure, select the “Structure Placer” from the weapons menu, use the Left and Right movement keys to select the structure type and use the cursor to place the structure anywhere within your territority. It is even allowed for a structure to be placed inside terrain.

Careful, the structures are extremely fragile. Any direct hit from an attack or explosion, no matter how small, will destroy them.


Structure Cost Short description
Healing Station 50 Heals nearby hedgehogs
Bio-Filter 100 Kills nearby enemy hedgehogs
Weapon Filter 50 Dematerilizes weapons and utilties within its radius
Reflector Shield 200 Reflects projectiles
Generator 300 Generates power
Respawner 300 Revives own hedgehogs
Teleportation Node 30 Allows free teleportation between teleportation nodes
Construction Station 50 Allows placement of girders, rubber, mines, sticky mines and barrels
Support Station 50 Allows placement of crates

Healing Station

This medical masterpiece miraculously regenerates the life of any friendly hogs who stand near it. What's more, it even boosts their health all the way up to 150! Wow!


This beastly device will violently target and destroy enemy hedgehogs who stray too close.

Weapon Filter

Do you dislike being murdered? Do you want to deter horrible hogs from your fort, but can't afford a Bio-Filter? Never fear! This inexpensive and handy screen will detect any weapons and gear carried by nearby enemy hogs and instantly vaporize them. Take pride in interrogating and/or gruesomely executing disarmed invaders at your leisure!

Reflector Shield

Being shot is for chumps! The reflector will reflect most incoming projectiles back towards their point of origin, as well dissolve pesky threats like fire or napalm. This structure will degrade a bit after each hit.


Do you think war is cheap, soldier? Melon bombs don't grow on trees, you know. Luckily, generators grant us a steady steam of income we can use to furnish our fort with mines, barrels, crates, structures—you name it!

Each generator generates 1 power per second.


In the event of your horrifying and untimely death, this reliable respawner will replace your ravaged husk with a fresh clone. Neat!

Teleportation Node

Walking is for plebs! The amazing structure allows any nearby hogs to use Teleportation to teleport to any other node in their territory.

Note that teleportation is only available while your hedgehog is in the radius of any friendly teleportation node.

Construction Station

Crates are great and all, but an intense defense is even better! The construction station allows a nearby hog to purchase and place girders, rubber bands, mines, sticky mines, and barrels across their territory.

Your hedgehog must first be within the radius of a friendly construction station to place objects.

To place a mine, sticky mine or barrel, select the barrel symbol (it replaced the drill strike) on the menu. Having it selected, use the up and down keys to select the object, and the left and right keys to set an additional modifier (see cost chart). Use the cursor to place the object anywhere in your territority.

Girders and rubber bands are placed by selecting the girder or rubber from the weapons menu instead, they are placed like you are used to it, but again, this only works inside your territority.

Support Station

This station allows rby hog to purchase and teleport weapon, utility, and health crates anywhere within their territory.

Your hedgehog must first be within the radius of a friendly support station to place crates.

To place a crate, select the “crate” symbol in the weapon menu (it replaced the napalm). Having it selected, use the up and down keys to switch between crate modes, left and right to select the crate content and use the cursor to place the crate in any open space inside your territority.

There are limits to how many crates you can buy per turn:

  • Up to 5 crates in total
  • Up to 1 extra time

The health of health crates can be changed in the game scheme.


Most of the options you can set in schemes work exactly as you expect, although some weapons any modifiers are ignored.

Script parameter

Use the script parameter to change some Construction Mode-specific settings (the Script Parameter Standard Format is used):

Key Value Default
initialenergy Amount of energy at start 550
energyperround New energy per round 50
maxenergy Maximum allowed energy 1000
cratesperround Max. number of crates you can place per round 5

You can use the value “inf” for maxenergy or cratesperround to disable these limits.


Cost charts

Objects (Construction Station)

Object Cost Modifier
Mine 15 Mine time in milliseconds
Sticky Mine 20 Nothing special
Barrel 10 Barrel health (fixed to 60)
Construction 1 Nothing special
Rubber 3 Nothing special

Crates (Support Station)

Health crates

Each health crate costs 5 power and contains 25 health by default.

The health can be changed in the game scheme.

Weapon crates
Weapon Cost
Bazooka 40
Mortar 20
Drill Rocket 60
Mudball 60
Grenade 40
Cluster Bomb 60
Molotov Cocktail 60
Watermelon Bomb 500
Hellish hand-grenade 500
Old Limburger 60
Shotgun 40
Desert Eagle 40
Flamethrower 80
Sniper Rifle 60
Freezer 300
Minigun 260
Shoryuken 60
Whip 20
Baseball Bat 140
Seduction 20
Hammer 20
Mine 20
Dynamite 180
Cake 500
Ballgun 800
Sticky Mine 100
Blow Torch 80
Pick Hammer 40
Cleaver 40
Birdy 140
Utility crates
Utility Cost
Portable Portal Device 300
Land Spray 100
Rope 140
Parachute 40
Flying Saucer 160
Invulnerable 100
Laser Sight 40
Vampirism 120
Low Gravity 80
Extra Damage 120
Extra Time 160

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