User directory

The user directory of Hedgewars is a directory in which user-specific data, settings and add-ons (HWP files) are stored for Hedgewars.


Depending on the operating system, the directory is located at:
  • GNU/Linux: ~/.hedgewars
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Hedgewars
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\Hedgewars

Directory structure

  • Data: Many custom data such as hats, themes, voicepacks, and the like are stored here in subdirectories. This is also the place in which HWP files (add-on files from DLC) are stored
  • Demos: Contains recorded demos. They can be shown with hwengine, but only if the demo and Hedgewars versions match
  • Logs: Contains log files which log Hedgewars' activities. Only useful for developing
  • Saves: Contains saved games
  • Screenshots: Contains the screenshots you took with the screenshot key
  • Teams: Contains all the files which describe the teams
  • Videos: Contains recorded videos. These files can be played with any modern media player software. Not to be confused with “Demos”
  • VideoTemp: It contains the preview images for videos in PNG format. It may also contain uncompleted or failed video recordings. If Hedgewars isn't running, you can safely delete all non-PNG images to save space

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