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This page gives you a rough idea to help you get along with Hedgewars as a complete beginner. It doesn't explain everything, only the basics. Advanced information can be found throughout this wiki.

Learning the basics

In the main menu, head to the singleplayer menu and choose campaign mode.

In the campaign menu, start with “A Classic Fairytale”, mission 1. This mission is like a mini-tutorial and shows you the very first steps in Hedgewars. The other missions offer a somewhat loose learning curve, but they are not part of the tutorial.

In the training missions menu, you'll find more practice missions, but it's very chaotic at the moment, and many tutorials are still missing. Start with the basic training missions, the other missions are actually challenges and don't explain much.

Multiplayer games

See also: Network Game Guide


Before you do anything, learn the controls, it's very important.

To actually play against other players, you can either play online or offline in hot-seat mode.

First, make sure you have enough teams ready. If not, you can add teams in the settings menu.

In the multiplayer page, you can select a map, add teams and change the game rules.

Click on a team to add it to the game, click on it again to remove it. Change the color of teams to put multiple teams into clan. You can for example create a 2vs2 game with this feature.

Beginners should play with the Normal style and leave both schemes at Default.

If you you have become more experienced with Hedgewars, feel free try other schemes and styles.

Basic gameplay

The goal in a normal game of Hedgewars is to lead your team of hedgehogs to victory by destroying all other teams.

The game is turn-based. You are able to move through the landscape and fire one weapon per turn. Note that there are various weapons and tools which don't end your turn.

After you fired your weapon, you have a short retreat time (not for all weapons) and then your turn ends.
Then the next player continues, and so on. This goes on until only one clan remains, winning the game.

If, for some reason, all hedgehogs die in one turn, the round ends in a draw.

If the game goes on for a long time, Sudden Death will be started to spice up the game a little.

Custom gameplay

The rules of Hedgewars can be heavily changed, and it is even encouraged to do so.

Schemes are used to change the basic game rules and weapon settings. But with schemes only, the basic turn-based gameplay stays generally the same.

Styles are used for even more advanced changes to gameplay, sometimes changing drastically. Make sure to read the mission panel and/or their respective wiki page in order to understand these.


  • To review the current game modifiers or mission text, press Esc
  • Online players tend to try out many different rules, so make sure to read the mission panel carefully
  • The mission panel also mentions the timer of mines (unless it's 3 seconds)

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