Game does not open after Windows update

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Yesterday my Windows 10 updated to version 1803 (OS Build 17692.1004) and after this the game does not open anymore. I am running version and when I open the splash screen appears and then it closes. It does not even create the log. I've already tried the compatibility mode, run as administrator. Nothing.... Sad Smiley

Anything I can test yet?

Thansk, Lago.

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No log seems rather unlikely. Are you possibly looking in the wrong place?
Also is best place to report and track problems.

My Documents/Logs/game0.log

Would be where that log would be.

Also, be sure to test quick simple local game against AI to rule out network issues.

And, see if there's a more recent version of your graphics driver on the ATI or nVidia or Intel website, and see if there's an option to roll back to an older one if an update of it occurred recently.

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