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Not sure if I ever mentioned it anywhere on this forum, but I'm a game developer myself. Recently I made a "portfolio thing" from my old projects and posted it in few places, so I might as well post it here. Maybe someone will be interested. Feel free to leave any feedback or write whatever, lol

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Impressive list you've got! Smile I can only boast of a couple of games which unfortunately are not available now.

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That is a nice list!

KoBeWi allegedly wrote:

... you can imagine how bothersome (XD) it is to code it all, so ultimately the development was halted...

Oh man, too real. I can't even count the number of random mods and small games I started on but then abandoned for one reason or another. There's a handful I have 'on hiatus' that I tell myself that one day I'll go back and finish, but I know it's pretty doubtful based on past experience.

At any rate, you seem pretty dedicated! It's a nice collective showcase of your stuff! Thanks for sharing. <3

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