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readme.txt allegedly wrote:
A fusion of various voice clips from the Nintendo games 'Super Mario 64' (Nintendo 64) and 'Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga' (Game Boy Advance). For both games, the original voice producer for Mario is Charles Martinet. There are no custom/new voiceclips here (or any alterations to the sound files themselves save for WAV to OGG conversion); only those existing in either game are found here.
While I attempted my best to match voiceclips to all implemented events as I could, it is not guaranteed that they actually are good matches for such events.

[!] Due to the non-free copyrighted nature of the games that the sound files originate from, I have not yet decided on what license to apply (hint: it's likely to be one that forbids commercial usage so that we all can stay on a safer side). Until I have this issure resolved, no HWP of this voicepack will be produced.
However, I want to see what other people think of this voicepack, before I allow it to appear for convenient download. Give this voicepack a try, and tell me what you think as new replies. I'd like to know if there's anything wrong that needs to be fixed, or if I'm just doing a good job of adaptations.

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Actually, this is just plain old copyright infringement and Nintendo can sue you. But they won't because there not enough money to milk from you.

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I doubt Nintendo will even know this exists. They only take down stuff that gains too much popularity. I made a Mario-based theme and it's still there after 4 years.

Also, they aren't "milking" with copyright claims XD They just force you to remove the infringing content.

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