Strange graphic bug with Linux/KDE/nvidia

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Recently I've installed a new graphics card: Geforce GT 710
I play Hedgewars in windowed mode on KDE 5/Linux 4.19.

The first game after a fresh reboot there are no problems with the window manager.

But when entering the second game and every following game, the task bar "freezes". Every desktop application are "freezed", too. If there is a clock application, I always see the time at the begin of the second game.

Restart Hedgewars doesn't help.

Playing Hedgewars doesn't seem to have a problem. I can play it without any troubles.

Seems to be a problem with the graphics driver, I didn't have this effect with the previous installed ATI graphics card.

Can anyone confirm this problem?

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Hedgewars isn't doing anything too special gl-wise... In fact it is pretty darn minimalist and can use GLES11 or software emulation even (I got 15fps on a first gen rpi, software emulation). Look into what your system is doing for graphics. FOSS driver? closed source? Maybe the new card needs a driver update.

Try a non-composited window manager too, although it should work fine with one.

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