Player chat icons

In the player list in the lobby and in the rooms, there are icons next to each player name. This page explains what each icon means.

Role icons

The hedgehog icons show the role of each player. The colored icons are used for players with a registered player account, gray icons are used for players without an account.

Registered player icon Unegistered player icon Normal player
Registered room host Unegistered room host Room host
Registered contributor Unegistered contributor Contributor
Registered contributor and room host Unregistered contributor and room host Contributor and room host
Registered server administrator Unregistered server administrator Server administrator

Detailed role descriptions

  • Normal player Normal player: Can play the game.
  • Room host Room host: Hosts the room you're in and controls the room and can start the game. Everyone can create a room and become a room host.
  • Contributor Contributor: The contributor role is awarded by the Hedgewars developer team for people who have made valuable and significant contributions in the past. Contributors have no special rights in the server.
  • Registered server administrator Server administrator: Controls the server. Can enter any room, ban players, create special rooms (like Official Racer Challenge) and do server maintenance stuff. See also: Server administration.

Status icons

Used to show the current player status.

Not ready icon Not ready Is not ready to play. See Room for details.
Ready icon Ready Is ready to play. See Room for details.
In-game icon In-game Is currently playing. This icon is only shown in rooms.
In-lobby icon In lobby Is currently in the server lobby.
Friend icon Friend Is in your friend list. See Chat for details.
Ignored player icon Ignored Is in your ignore list. See Chat for details.

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