Leaving a game

Players can leave an ongoing online game at any time. This page explains the special things that happen when you leave.

What happens when you leave

Once a player left, all hedgehogs of that player will become half-transparent and automatically skip turns. It is possible for the player to return and re-gain control over the hedgehogs (see below).

If, because of this, a team has missed 3 consecutive turns, all hedgehogs of that team will cowardly teleport away from the battlefield. This counts as a loss.


If you have left an ongoing online game, it is possible to re-enter it later under the following conditions:

  • You need to have an account (→Accounts)
  • You need to return before you have missed 3 turns

Once you re-entered the game, you will automatically have control over your team(s) again. The hedgehogs will no longer auto-skip and look normal again.

If you didn't have an account or came back too late, you will join as a spectator.

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