The Specialists Reloaded

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The Specialists Reloaded Darth Vader!

The Specialists Reloaded adds a lot of new specialist classes you can play with. Each specialist has a character associated allowing the teams customization with the script parameter:
e.g. by writing t=ABCDEFGH you will set the corresponding specialist for those letters to both teams in that order.

The classical specialist from the original The Specialist script are not removed so you can play mixing them with the others or play some variants by adding only 1 or 2 new classes to the classical specialists team.



  • A=Adventurer
  • B=Butcher
  • C=Cyborg
  • D=Demo
  • E=Engineer
  • F=Fighter
  • G=Guard
  • H=Saint
  • I=Indian
  • J=Expert
  • K=Coward
  • L=Loon
  • M=Medic
  • N=Ninja
  • O=Clone
  • P=Pyro
  • Q=Gangster
  • R=Rabbit
  • S=Soldier
  • T=Tapir
  • U=Undertaker
  • V=Veteran
  • W=Strategist
  • X=Sniper
  • Y=Hunter
  • Z=Devil
  • 1=Pathfinder
  • 2=Thief
  • 3=Friend


The Script has a system of health balance, this means that specialists dont have a fixed amount of health but it depends on various factors such as the average damage that the hogs that are playing can do and the overall power of a hog.


For this script there are some little modification for weapons:

- The sinegun for Clone and Friend is modified in a way that has no ray, this way you can use it like in the Racer script has a transport utility;
- the deagle shot is modified for Cyborg, the shot digs 4 times more into the ground.

This is only a first version that i expect to enlarge by adding new classes.

Special thanks to Tiotimolina that helped me with the code.

Download link:

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Could it be added to the DLC page please?

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Sorry if I keep insisting but i really would like it to be on the dlc page. Is there a problem with it? If you dont want the dlc page be filled with all this mine specialist like scripts you could remove the others and keep this one since all the previous scripts were attempts to make a new specialist script that would satisfy me and i think i accomplished that with this one.

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Personally I've just been insanely busy at work, and after noticing this request I then forget to download it and review it. Sorry. Things should calm down in about 2 weeks.

Will try to nag the others.

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oh ok thanks for replying.

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Alright, alright, alright. I uploaded it for you. I am currently not really active in HW.

However, I have fixed some typos. You used the “:” wrong. Note this character sometimes needs escaping. But no big deal.

I also appended “_v1” to the name. We require version numbers for all scripts (and some other things) on DLC, so we can bump it when a new version comes out.

I advice to re-download the DLC version so you can use it online.

I don't think I'm too happy with the proliferation of Specialists scripts that are all very similar. Not that I'm against it, but I don't like repeated code …

I think eventually we need the ultimate Specialists script. A Specialists script to replace all Specialists scripts. Big Grin And of course it needs to be official.

Or even better, let the player select per-hog weapons in the weapons options. That might be the best solution. Fiddling around with the script parameter is not user friendly.

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Thanks Wuzzy. You can remove all the previous mine specialists script that are already on DLC since i think i kept upgrading the same idea more and more for finally arriving to this one.
The problem with letting the player select per-hog weapons is that you cant modify weapons with SetGearValues and that the hogs wont have the same hat. That feature would be good for allowing more customization for the game in general but not for an ultimate Specialist script i think. Giving a specialist 3 random weapons doesnt make him a good specialist, for each specialist i made in this script i spent some time thinking at the weapons and at the correspondent gamestyle, so I dont think that this kind of customization could make an ultimate Specialist script.
Anyway thanks again

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