Old DLCs

Old DLCs

This page lists stuff that has been removed from the DLC page for various reasons. Usually for being broken, outdated or obsolete. USE THESE ADD-ONS AT YOUR OWN RISK! We keep old stuff here for documentation purposes.


SantaHatRemoval_NoXMAS (CC0) - Removes Santa Hat and Christmas theming. OBSOLETE since 1.0.0, you can add “holidaySilliness=false” in the “[misc]” section of settings.ini.


Fruit Theme v2 2012-07-24 - Fruit theme. OBSOLETE DLC, the Fruit theme is now official
Art_pp1 ????-??-?? - Ancient version of the Art theme. OBSOLETE because the Art theme is official.


Unit 22 Shoppa Compilation, v1 2011-09-04 - 41MiB - But you're probably better off by checking out hh.unit22.org directly

Scripts / game styles

Highlander IceUtil 2014-01-06 Highlander, but with Icegun being considered a utility, rather than a weapon
Platform, v1 2013-12-29 This is more of a proof of concept script for a "moving platform" what I think it proves is that Lua needs access to land erasure. Can get annoying with volume on
Team5, v1b 2013-11-19 A game mode created by Master_ex (BROKEN IN 0.9.25). (description).
The Specialists (Custom), v1 (LGPL v2.1) 2019-01-05 The Specialists, but with customisable teams. t1=XXCC sets first four hogs of first team to sniper then clown. S=(S)oldier D=(D)emo E=(E)ngineer N=(N)inja P=(P)yro C=(C)lown H=(H)olyman[saint] X=Sniper. OBSOLETE SINCE VERSION 1.0.0!
Shoppa Pro - mandatory script for participants (and spectators) of the Shoppa Championship 2015 Tournament.


Reach The Other Side, v1 2013-01-31 - 919KiB - Rope training challenge script and map (BROKEN IN 0.9.25).
Escape, v3 2013-12-07 - 2800KiB - Escape map and script (BROKEN).


Flags 2012-02-04 - A bunch of flags off the flag thread. Has been SUPERCEDED by larger community flag packs.


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