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Hello. Is there any way possible to select the size of landscape when playing in 1 player/single player mode? I find so many are way to big and would prefer the option to select a smaller battlefield.

Thank you.

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You are playing wrong game mode probably. Quick game is only intended to play quick non-configurable match.

The "multiplayer" mode can be played with one player just fine, just add some CPU team(s).

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Yes, the quick battle is very random (including map size), that's on purpose. Maybe the quick battle is a bit TOO random.

This feature was always meant to be a "1-click start" option, but I think one issue is that also that difficulty is randomized. Well, kinda. The first 15 quick battles are forced to be on a lower difficulty and "map complexity". After that, difficulty is fully random.

Maybe a feature can be added to manually restrict the difficulty of the quick game, I'm not sure how it would look like so far …

And I see now it was an usability fail to label the customizable game as "multiplayer". It's meant for multiplayer, sure, but that doesn't mean you can't play alone.

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