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Hedgewars Wallpaper

I was bored, made a wallpaper


Put it on some desktops and help spread the word

Bigger, Better, Bolder


Just checking in with a small progress video of a new feature in 0.9.10.

Big maps!

This is only a test map, they'll be far more varied with less huge chunks of land when it's finished.
Apologies for the shaky camera work, I couldn't be bothered to download fraps.

Coolest Contributors


I thought it was about time I mentioned that there are a few more people contributing regularly to the project. Though I won't call these people team members (simply to make sure they're not suddenly spammed with requests and bug reports) they deserve a great deal of recognition!

So without further ado, we have

AKA:  Martin Boze

Martin has contributed lots of code, including the drill rocket, ball gun and RC plane. Continuing to work on a machine gun and uzi, and a portal gun.

AKA:  I dont know yet, I'll have to ask him

Koda has gone to great lengths to make a Mac port of Hedgewars, there are still a few bugs left to fix, but we'll be putting a package up on the site soon thanks to this fine man.

AKA: I dont know yet, I'll have to ask him

Nemo is currently working on "despeckling" code that will remove those annoying stray pixels left behind by fire weapons.

Nemo has also begun development of cave maps with indestructable borders. And various other bits and pieces.

AKA: Stephen Alexander

Is the voice actor for all the Hedgehog voices in the game, also makes trailers for us and moans about bugs a lot.


Socketbind set up our brand new sexy website for us :) and provides us with essential support we'd be dead without.

Hedgewars 0.9.9 Released!

That's right, it's that time again!

Another new Hedgewars release, this one is exciting with some of the funniest new weaponry yet.
Make sure you upgrade your Hedgewars client as you'll only be able to see those with the same version on the Hedgewars server!

So without further ado, here's the changelog!

- Voicepacks, customize your teams voice!
- Nice new visual statistics page after the match
- Precise aiming, hold shift to aim more accurately
- Improved lobby chat
- Remote Control Plane weapon
- A couple of additions to customization content, (i.e. grave / fort / hat content)
- Additional sound effects
- Various tweaks and bug fixes

I'm going to write a little bit about the new RC plane weapon, as I think it deserves it's own little mention.  Hit space to fire the weapon, use your arrow keys to control it's flight, whilst flying press the space bar again to drop up to 3 missiles!  Once you're out of missiles, crash the plane into an unsuspecting hedgehog to cause additional devistation..

Whilst flying, press the enter key for a suprise :)

Head over to the downloage page to grab it now!
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