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Some Videos

These weapons are unfinished
And yes the person coding them is a potato.

This one will eventually be a Machine Gun. Graphics are temporary

He's watching you

Can you code in Pascal?

Hello again!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

We're once more looking for another contributor, I'm looking for someone capable of coding extra weaponry in Hedgewars whilst the main coder is working on other things. A lot of the weapons will be simple enough to code, some being simple modifications of existing code.

There is a lot we want to add to Hedgewars and currently we're just a 2 man team, with submissions and contributions coming in from the community of course. We're looking to add a third member to the team.

The Hedgewars arsenal will hopefully grow to be huge in the future, containing machine guns, rifles, angry badgers, evil broccoli, graffiti guns, freeze rays, magic carpets, bouncy balls, tennis rackets and lots lots more!

If you're interested, let me know, I'm no coder but I'll get you started in the right direction!
Here's hoping.

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