New Weapons

I'm going to show off two of the three new weapons in 0.9.7 to you today.


The Melon Bomb



 More info in the blog post


Meet the Badger





What's This then?

Ho Hum

What have we been doing?

So it's been quite a while between updates, which is unusual for Hedgewars these days.

So perhaps you're wondering what's been going on?

I'm going to give you a run down of some of the goodies you're going to find in 0.9.7. It's a long list (and for once a lot of it ISN'T on the svn!) I won't include everything. But I'll cover some of the major features.


First off, we've been developing a new frontend. That better suites the game. It's not finished yet (and I know a lot of you monkeys have been snatching it off of the svn) but I'll show some pictures anyway. The previous pictures were mockups, these are in game pictures :)



Hats Hats wonderful Hats

Hats are now in our SVN build.

I'm going to be adding hopefully up to 60 hats to the next release of Hedgewars (time permitting!) But I've started a way for users to submit their own.



If you'd like to get involved, or would just like to submit ideas/criticisms/need information.

head over to our forums, and this thread here:


For instructions on how to make a hat, some tips and submission requirements.



What wonderful eyes you have

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