Note: As of 0.9.24, the controls on this page are up-to-date. The images show an old version but still make sense for 0.9.24.

Welcome to the controls manual! Here you will learn what is every element of the in-game screen and how to move your hedgehogs to destroy the other team's members.

To help you learning better most everything of this page, the explanation will be divided in different sections:

Parts of the screen

  1. Team health bars—These bars indicate the total health of each team. Every time a hedgehog (B) gets hurt the bar of its team decreases. The more the hedgehogs gets hurt, the more the bar decreases.
  2. Active hedgehog—This is your hedgehog. Use it to attack the opponent team with the weapons in the weapons scheme (E)
  3. Countdown timer—You can attack the opponent team when it's your turn, delimited by this count that decrease to 0. When the count arrive to 0 your turn ends and it's time to the opponent team to play.
  4. Wind bar—This bar indicates the strength and the direction of the wind in the active turn. The longer is the bar, the stronger is the wind, in the direction of the bar.
  5. Ammo menu—This is the table of the weapons that you can use in this game. Select one of them to give it to your active hedgehog (B). The grey weapons with a red circle on indicate that these weapons will be available in X turns, with X being the number in the circle.
  6. Chat—In this corner of the screen you can see the last messages of the conversation between you and the other players.
  7. FPS—In this corner, if you selected it in settings, you can see the frames per second while playing.

Basic movements and shooting

  1. Cursor keys—Use the cursor keys to move the active hedgehog left or right or to move the aim up or down. See D for precise aiming.
  2. Enter—Make the hedgehog jump forward. Pay attention to where it is, because after a jump the hedgehog can fall and get hurt if it jumps from big altitudes.
    By the way: While you are using the rope or the flying saucer, you can choose a weapon and use this key to throw or drop it! E.g. drop dynamite while using rope.
  3. Backspace—Press one for a vertical jump, press twice to jump backward vertically. If you delay pressing backspace the second time, you will jump slightly higher.
  4. Left Shift—The Precise key. This key is used for precise aiming of the target. Hold Shift and move the aim keys to slowly move the aim, gaining precision. In addition, hold this key while pressing left or right to turn in place without moving.
  5. Mouse clicks—Use right click to show the ammo menu (See the section Parts of the screen). Left click to select a weapon in the table or to set a target for weapons like air attack
  6. Space bar—Use it to make your active hedgehog shoot the target with the aim you chose previously! Hold space to increase the power of some weapons. (Please read the Weapons Manual to learn more about each weapon.)

Aiming and weapon modifiers

  1. Function keys—Use the functions keys F1-F10 to switch between weapons, as an alternative to right mouse click.
  2. 1-5—Use these keys to set timer of weapons like grenade, expressed in seconds to explode. Use 1-5 with the Precise key to set the bounciness, from slight to extreme, for a few weapons
  3. Tab—Press this key after activating switch hedgehog with the Attack key to switch between hedgehogs.
  4. H—Toggle automatic camera and, if enabled, center on the active hedgehog.
  5. Delete—Toggle the team health bars.
  6. Home—Toggle the hog name and health tags.
  7. Cursor keys —Use left and right cursor keys to choose the direction of air attacks.

Game options and chat commands

  1. Esc—Exit the game (you will be prompted). This also displays the mission panel.
  2. F12—Toggle fullscreen / windowed mode.
  3. 9 and 0—Modify in-game sound volume.
  4. P—Pause game when playing offline, enter AFK Mode when playing online. This also displays the mission panel.
  5. T—Enter a chat message. See also chat commands.
  6. U: Team chat (talk to members of your clan only)
  7. ` key —Show chat history.
  8. S—Speed up Demo playing (only when viewing a demo, of course)
  9. C—Take a screenshot and save it in the Screenshots folder of your user directory

Advanced controls

  • Hold down Left Shift: Prevent slipping away on icy terrain
  • Left Shift + Tab: switch hedgehogs in reverse order
  • Left Shift + Home: Change hedgehog tag types (team name, name, health)
  • Tab + Home: Toggle hedgehog tag translucency
  • Left Shift + Tab + Delete: Hide HUD
  • Left Shift + C: Map dump, like a screenshot but for maps. Creates an image and mask of the entire current map and save it in the Screenshots folder of your user directory. File names: mapdump_<date>_land.png (mask) and mapdump_<date>_landpixels.png (map)
See also the hover tooltip of weapons when hovering an ammo in the ammo menu.
Now you have the knowledge, use it wisely!
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