Maximum damage: N/A
Affected by wind: N/A
Ends turn: yes
Type: utility


Click anywhere to instantly move your hog to the location under the cursor. Teleporting far above the ground is generally not advised, except for when performing the "telebomb" technique outlined below. You may not teleport to an area outside the map borders, or (directly) into the water.

hog teleporting


Teleport has a number of uses, ranging from the purely defensive to the outright insulting.

i) Moving vulnerable hogs to safety

ii) Collecting crates

Take care not to place yourself in any danger while doing this.

iii) "Telebombing"

This technique involves dropping your hog from a height onto another hog with the intent of causing fall damage, and possibly damage from your dying hog's explosion.

A word of warning. People may dislike you for using this technique.

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