It was a dark and stormy night. The moon hung low as a gale tossed it to and fro amongst the gibbous clouds. Count Hogula smiled, and his fangs glistened in the glow of the pale moonlight. "Soon", he whispered...


Vampirism allows a hog to gain 80% of the damage dealt to other hogs (including team mates) in the same turn, rounded down.

Example: A shotgun shot dealing 25 damage would cause a gain of 20 HP.


  • Weapon Slot: 9
  • Assignable as an alt weapon
  • Can't be aimed
  • Grants vampirism
  • The life-stealing power lasts until end of turn
  • Not available if the “Vampirism” game modifier is active
  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility

How to use

Pressing the fire key once (default: SPACE) will activate this utility. After activating, simply attack other hedgehogs.

The effect will remain till the end of the turn. If you switch hedgehogs, the effect gets transfered to the new hedgehog.


  • Attack hogs that are grouped together after using vampirism to steal more life.
  • Use the most powerful weapon you have subsequent to using vampirism to steal the most amount of life possible.
  • Subsequent to stealing a large amount of life, use the Resurrector to revive a hog up to a substantial number of hitpoints.


As of yet, no-one has uploaded a video detailing the usage of this utility.
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  • Vampirism is only obtainable through crates in Default.


  • As of yet, no-one knows where or whence this weapon came. Sad Smiley

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