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Teleport your hog to a new location! Will you hide your hog away, or send them into certain death? The choice is yours! Please be aware that when you teleport your hog to a specified location, velocity is preserved.


  • Weapon Slot: 8
  • Affected by wind: No
  • Can be used in mid-air
  • Target is assigned by cursor
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 0s
  • Crate type: Utility

How to use

After selecting teleportation, a mouse-based targeting cursor will appear. Simply move the cursor over the area you wish to teleport to and left click to confirm.

If there is enough space to teleport your hog, the teleport will be successful and your hog will phase into its new location. If there is not enough room, an invalid teleport sound will chime, and you will be given the opportunity to select a new teleport location.

Note that you can use teleportation while in mid-air, but your momentum will be preserved.


  • Try to always save a few seconds on the clock before issuing the command to teleport. In the case that you select an invalid teleport location, this will prevent you running out of time and losing your turn before you can choose a valid location.
  • 'Telebombing' or 'Telefragging' the enemy can be an evil and effective tactic on the battlefield! These tactics invovle teleporting your hog to a location high above another hog, and letting the fall inflict damage. This should be generally be used with invulnerability. An alternate variation, is to take a low hp hog, and telebomb another hog, then inflict aditional damage from the self-destruct.
  • A more advanced variation of this tactic is to utilize gravity to gain momentum, and then teleport above another hog. Either a fall or a chain of portals (Two portals set up so that one is over the other) can be used to gain the momentum needed for this tactic. The same notes apply to this as telebombing.


As of yet, no-one has uploaded a video detailing the usage of this utility.
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  • The game modifier 'Place hogs at start' allows you to teleport all of your hogs to positions of your choosing at the start of the game.
  • The default slot of the teleport utility is 8, but in the gameplay mode 'Frenzy' it has been changed to 6.
  • The teleport gear is called gtTeleport in code. The ammoType is amTeleport.


  • As of yet, no-one knows from where or whence this utility came. Sad Smiley

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