The mudball is one of the basic weapons in Hedgewars. It deals no damage, but rather can be used to knock hedgehogs into mines, barrels or water.

Using the mudball doesn't end your turn, making it devastating when used correctly.


  • Damage: 0
  • Charge to shoot: Yes
  • Affected by wind: Yes
  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Weapon

How to use

Pressing and holding the Attack key (default: space bar) will charge up the throw. Hold Attack till you have the desired amount of charge and release. It will fire automatically once the charge hits full.


  • With two mudballs, you can drown at least two hedgehogs and still go on to do more damage with any of your other weapons.


  • The appearance of mudball can change depending on map theme
  • When mudball still caused 1 damage per hit (prior to 0.9.18) you could use mudballs to cause ANY amount of damage in a turn if you had infinite mudballs in the weaponset. Due to mudballs not ending the turn you could just through a few hundred mudballs at enemy hedgehogs.
  • The mudball is internally known as “snowball”


  • release 0.9.15: mudball added
  • release 0.9.16: mudball no longer ends your turn
  • release 0.9.18: mudball's direct damage was reduced from 1 to 0

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