You're lazy and crave big explosions? Hmm … there got to be a weapon for you … and here it is!


The dynamite is one of the basic weapons in Hedgewars. It could be called a super weapon, due to it's huge reputation for death. It is also one of the simplest weapons to use. You just drop it anywhere, and retreat to a safe distance.


  • Damage: 75
  • Timer: 5s
  • Charge to shoot: No
  • Affected by wind: No
  • Can be used in mid-air
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 5s
  • Crate type: Weapon

How to use

Pressing the Attack key (default: SPACE) will drop the dynamite. Then run away as fast as you can! Big Grin


  • The dynamite is most effective on groups of hedgehogs


  • The dynamite was one of the first weapons to be added to Hedgewars

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