Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag (short: “CTF”) is a style for two clans where the goal is not to kill, but to steal a flag.


The first clan to capture the enemy flag three times wins.


Before you start, make sure there are only two clans. The style does not work with more than two clans present.


All hedgehogs can be killed as usual, but they will be revived when they die and appear at a random position.

Both clans have a “flag” and a “base” in their color. The flags are represented by small circles and the bases by slightly larger ones.

In the first round, the flags and the bases are not placed yet. The team's flags (and base) will be placed where each clan has ended their first turn.
From the second round on, the hedgehogs can now attempt to capture the flag of the opposing team.

Any hedgehog can take the flag of the opposing clan by just touching it. The hedgehog will now become the flag carrier. To score a point, the flag carrier must now go to its own base with the own
clan's flag still in the base. This is called “capturing” the flag. It is not possible to capture the flag while the own flag is not in its base.

If a flag has been captured, the flag will be returned to its base in the next turn. It is not possible to score more than one capture per turn.

Hedgehogs drop their flag if they die. Dropped flags can be taken again by the opposing clan. If the own clan touches the dropped flag, it is teleported immediately back to its base. If the flag carrier drowned, the flag is also teleported to its base.


You can change the number of captures required to win. Just write “captures=<number>” into the script parameter, e.g. “captures=5” for 5 captures.

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