Tumbler is a highly unusual style where you control a flying hedgehog while hurling barrels, fire and mines towards the enemy.


Eliminate all other teams.


  • Movement: [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right]
  • Shoot: [Precise]
  • Toggle weapon: [Long jump]
  • Collect nearby mine or barrel: [High jump]

It is recommended you create a special team with keybindings that have Precise, Shield and Radar all accessible with one hand for this mode.


A typical turn goes like this: You fly around with your hedgehog, use all your firepower to harm the enemy and sooner or later end your turn.
Attacks do not end your turn.

The turn ends if you run out of turn time, you hedgehog comes to a rest (just stand still on the ground for a few seconds) or it dies.

After each turn, 2 new barrels and 4 mines will be placed on the landscape. The mine timer for mines in the landscape is set to 3 seconds.

Also, the ammo is reset after each turn, so there is no point in stockpiling.


There are three weapons in this game: Barrel Launcher, Mine Deployer and Flamer.

Use the [Long jump] key or the slot keys 1-3 to change your selection. The traditional weapons menu is not available in this game.

Barrel Launcher

Will drop a barrel into the direction where you fly. The faster you're flying, the faster the barrel will be thrown.
You start with 2 barrels per turn. Collect barrels in the landscape to increase your ammo.

Mine Deployer

Will drop a mine below you. The mine will always fall straight down.
Be quick, the mine will be set off by this and explodes after just 1 second.
You start with 1 mine per turn. Collect mines in the landscape to increase your ammo.


Will hurl some flames into the direction where you fly. The faster you're flying, the faster the flames will go.
Don't forget that flames are subject to wind!

You start with 50 flames per turn.


From time to time, ammo or health crates will drop.

Collect health crates to extend your tumbling time by 25 seconds.

Collect ammo crates to extend your flamer fuel by 800.


At the bottem left part of the screen, 4 numbers are shown.

The 3 numbers at the first line show your ammo.
The first one (gray) shows the Barrel Launcher ammo.
The second one (purple) shows the Mine Deplayer ammo.
The third one (orange) shows the Flamer ammo.

The big number (yellow/orange) on the second line shows your remaining turn time.


Most settings in the game scheme will be recognized in this game.
The probability and frequency of crate drops can not be manually adjusted.

Some settings are interpreted in a special way:

  • Health in health crates: Sets the bonus time in seconds when you collect a health crate
  • Number of mines: How many mines will spawn each turn (max. 4)
  • Number of barrels: How many barrels will spawn each turn (max. 4)

Weapon scheme settings can not be changed.


Use the script parameter (in Script Parameter Standard Format) to change advanced settings:

  • spawnbarrels: New barrels per turn
  • spawnmines: New mines per turn
  • ammoflamer: Initial Flamer fuel
  • ammobarrel: Initial Barrel Launcher ammo
  • ammomine: Initial Mine Deployer ammo
  • minetimerplaced: Mine timer (milliseconds) of mines from Mine Deployer
  • bonustime: Bonus time (seconds) in utility crates
  • bonusflames: Bonus Flamer fuel in ammo crates
  • chanceammo: Per-turn % chance of an ammo crate drop
  • chancetime: Per-turn % chance of an utility crate (extra time) drop

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