Racer is a style where players play a simple time-trial race.


Use your hedgehogs to reach all waypoints faster than all other teams.


Before the start of the game, the first player must place 2-8 waypoints for the race. Use the “Place waypoint” from the ammo menu (it will be automatically selected when your turn begins) and click on the places you want to have waypoints.
Hit the precise key to delete the last waypoint.

At least 2 and at most 8 waypoints have to be set, and they can only be in open space. If you're done placing waypoints, select “End placing waypoints” from the ammo menu and hit the attack key.

While placing waypoints, the first waypoint will flash subtly and the last waypoint is slightly more opaque.

If the number of waypoints is valid or all 8 waypoints have been placed, the game begins. If not, the next player is given the chance to place the waypoints instead.


Each team will control its hedgehogs for 3 rounds and attempts to touch all waypoints as fast as possible. The order of the waypoints does not matter.

In the ready phase, the first waypoint will flash nervously.

The round begins as soon as the ready timer is up or when the player hits any hedgehog control.

When the race begins, the hedgehog immediately “explodes” out of the first waypoint. By default, the hog flies to the upper left. The initial direction can be changed by hitting the corresponding direction key in the ready phase.

After each turn, the best times are recorded and shown in the mission panel. Note: Players who use up their turn time will lose their turn, this counts as a “Did not finish”.

When all 3 rounds have been played, the game ends and the team with the lowest round time in this match wins.


Basic configuration

Use the game scheme and weapon schemes for a basic configuration of the game. Most scheme settings can be changed, but the following settings are fixed:
  • Always enabled: Infinite attacks
  • Always disabled: King Mode, Place Hogs, Switch Hog, AI Survival, Tag Team
  • Crate frequency: Never
  • Turn time: 90 seconds
  • Sudden Death: Disabled
  • Air Attack, Mine Strike, Drill Strike, Napalm and Piano Strike are always unavailable
You can use the weapon scheme to give the players other tools. For instance, you could make a flying saucer race by setting infinite flying saucer instead of rope.

Number of rounds

Add “rounds=<number> to the script parameter to change the number of rounds.

E.g. “rounds=5 for 5 rounds.

Other options

Use the script parameter to change the following advanced settings:
  • maxwaypoints=<number>: Maximum number of waypoints (default: 8)
  • waypointradius=<number>: Radius of a waypoint (default: 450)
  • teamrope=true: With this, the rope will take the color of the clan

See also

  • TechRacer
  • TrophyRace is a multiplayer mission map which works similar to Racer

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