Gravity is a simple style which changes the main gravity.

You must use the script parameter in order to change the gravity. Without the script parameter, this style does nothing.


Basic usage

Write g=<gravity in percent> in the the game scheme's script parameter to change the gravity.


Set the gravity to 200%:


Set the gravity to 50% (Note: The same effect can be achieved by activating the low gravity game modifier):


Crazy gravity

With advanced usage, you can enable a very weird kind of gravity, one that changes over time.

This style uses the Script Parameter Standard Format.

If you set g, g2 and period, the script will change the gravity all the time, the gravity will start at g and will rise up to g2 and then go back to g, and so on. period is the time in milliseconds for one single period (that is, from g to g2 and then back).

If period is a negative value, the gravity will not oscillate but be random between the two bounds. In this case, the period is the absolute value of period.


Oscillating gravity from 50% to 150% (and back) with a period of 4 seconds.

g=50, g2=150, period=4000

Random gravity, changing between 50% and 150% with a period of 10 seconds.

g=50, g2=150, period=-10000

Combining with a second style

It is possible to run a second style alongside Gravity. This feature is experimental and might not work with all style.

Add script2=<script name> to run an additional script. E.g. if you add script2=DiagonalMaze, you can combine the Gravity with the DiagonalMaze style.

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