Call in an airplane to launch a powerful napalm strike to rain many flames on your enemies. With proper aiming, this attack can eradicate huge parts of the landscape including unlucky hogs sitting there.


  • Affected by wind:
    • Flames: Yes
    • Napalm bombs: No
  • Napalm bomb bursts into
  • Napalm bombs: 6
  • Napalm bomb explosion damage: 10
  • 1 napalm bomb bursts into 39 normal flames
  • Total flames: 6·39 = 234
  • Not available in caves
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 0s
  • Crate type: Weapon

How to use

First rule of napalm: Mind the wind!
The flames are heavily affected by wind, so you have to take the wind into account.

Move your mouse cursor where the air plane should drop the napalm bombs. Remember the flames will not neccessarily end up where you clicked, unless there is no or almost no wind.
During targeting your hedgehog cannot move but instead you can use the left/right movement keys to change direction of impact.

Use a mouse click to confirm location and direction.

After a brief moment a plane will appear high in the sky and drops 6 napalm bombs above it. The napalm bombs burst into flames after 1 second.


  • Mind the wind!
  • Practice a bit with the napalm and wind to get a “feeling” of where the flames will go


  • Napalm bombs would explode when they would hit the landscape, but since these are dropped so high, they never actually impact
  • The airplane will have the color of the attacking team

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