Drill Strike


The drill strike is a type of airborne attack similar to air attack which drops 6 mini drill rockets (a weaker variant of the drill rocket) which dig through the land and explode.


  • Affected by wind: No
  • Base damage per mini drill rocket: 30
  • Mini drill rockets: 6
  • Total base damage: 6 · 30 = 180
  • Timer: Adjustable (1s-5s)
  • Not available in caves
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 0s
  • Crate type: Weapon

How to use

Press [1]-[5] to set the timer of the mini drill rockets. Move your mouse cursor over the target. During that your hedgehog cannot move but instead you can use the left/right movement keys to change direction of impact.

Use a mouse click to confirm location and direction.


After a brief moment, a plane will appear and drops 6 mini drill rockets above it. A mini drill rocket is basically a weaker version of the drill rocket. Mini drill rockets are only used by the drill strike.

The timer of each mini drill rocket starts as soon it hit land. Each mini droll rocket explodes when:

  • The timer rund ous
  • It reaches open air
  • It hits a hedgehog or a land object


  • Because there are 6 bombs being dropped, there is not just one middle bomb falling towards the exact target location, but two middle bombs that will impact a bit left and right of your target.


  • The airplane will have the color of the attacking team

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