Crates are objects which drop from the sky to aid you or your enemy) in victory.


To collect a crate, just touch it with your hedgehog. This also works while using Shoryuken, Pick Hammer or Kamikaze.

Flying an RC plane into a crate will also collect it.

Collecting a crate while using the blow torch is possible, but dangerous. If you run with the flame directly into the crate, you might cause it to explode, but you might manage to collect the crate if the flame is pointing somewhere else.

Crate types

Ammo crates

Ammo crates (or weapon crates) contain one or more random weapons of the same kind like dynamite, mine, etc.
The amount of ammo found in an ammo crate depends on the weapon scheme.

Utility crates

Utility crates contain one or more random utilities of the same kind, like rope, flying saucer, etc.
The amount of ammo found in an ammo crate depends on the weapon scheme.

The following ammos can be found in utility crates:

Everything else is found in ammo crates.

Health crates

Any hedgehog who collects a health crate will get an instant health boost. The amount of health and likelihood is set in the basic settings.

All health crates will also cure the collector from poisoning caused by e.g. old limburger or Birdy.

Fake crates

Fake crates special crates which are not used in normal games, only in a few styles and missions. They look identical to ammo, utility or health crates, but don't have the usual effect of such a crate. Fake crates are often used to trigger special or unique events.

Crate behaviour

All crates can be destroyed by explosions. When destroyed, they explode (with an explosion damage of 25) and burst into 64 normal flames.

Crates can be frozen by the freezer. In frozen state, crates can not be collected by hedgehogs anymore, but they ttill explode if damaged.

Crate dropping

Between two turns, there's a chance that a single crate drops from the sky at a random position.

The probability for this to happen, and the probability of this being a health crate (as opposed to ammo and utility crates) is set in the basic settings.

The probability for any particular ammo type to occour in an ammo/utility crate is set in the weapon scheme.

Crates do not drop if there are already 5 or more crates in the game. In that case, one of the existing crates has to be collected or destroyed first before crates have a chance to drop again.

Rare health crate exceptions

Health crates (normally) do not drop if the “invulnerable” game modifier is enabled.

If the game wants to drop an ammo/utility crate, but it can't find any suitable ammo type to drop (either because all probabilities are 0 or some weapons are disabled), the game will drop a health crate instead, ignoring the health crate probability in the basic settings (even if it is set to 0) and ignoring the “invulnerable” game modifier.

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