Air Mine


And you thought the air is safe? You obviously haven't met the air mines yet!


Air Mines are nasty traps and objects which float in the air and attempt to hunt and damage nearby hedgehogs.

Air mines are optimized for Shoppa-style games and game with infinite rope or flying sacuer in general.


  • Damage: 30
  • Explosion timer: 0s-1.25s
  • Hedgehog detection range: 175
  • Escape distance for hedgehogs: 1050
  • Charge to shoot: Yes
  • Affected by wind: No
  • Affected by gravity: No
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 5s
  • Crate type: Weapon


Air mines a thrown weapons. Aim, then hold the attack key to throw with more power.



The air mine behaviour is quite complex, but it can be quickly summarized. Air mines generally float in the air and constantly scan their surroundings for nearby hogs. When it sees one, it will chase it and when it comes close enough, it will try to explode (with a timer).

Air mines have a lamp. The lamp tells you if the air mine is inactive, seeking or chasing.


Aim mines have a timer which is a quarter of that used by mines, thus the timer of air mines ranges between 0 and 1.25 seconds.

If the mine timers are random, the air mine timers are random, too and range between 0 and 1.25 seconds.
If an air mine is directly next to a hedgehog, its timer starts to tick. When the timer reaches 0 and it is still in explosion range of a hedgehog, it explodes. But if no hedgehog is near at this time, the it does not explode and waits for another attempt to explode.


The air mine can be in one of multiple states which affect its behaviour.

Summary of states:

  • Initializing: Harmless, shortly after launch. Air mine is darker.
  • Inactive: Harmless, during 5 turn seconds and between turns. Lamp is off.
  • Seeking: Scans surroundings for nearby hogs. Lamp is on.
  • Chasing: Chases a hog. Lamp is flashing.
  • Stunned: Air mine got hit, is dysfunctional for a few seconds and throws sparks.
  • Frozen: Does no longer move. Explodes on taking damage.


Shortly after being launched, the air mine is darker than usual and in the “initializing” state. This state lasts only a few seconds, during which the air mine is harmless.


Inactive air mines are not chasing any hogs nor will they start chasing. They just float freely in the air. Inactive air mines are harmless.

Air mines are inactive between turns and during the first 5 seconds of each turn. After the time's up, air mines start seeking.

When inactive, the lamp is off.


Seeking air mines float freely in the air and will scan their nearby area for hogs. When they see one, they start chasing.

When seeking, the lamp is on.


As soon as a hedgehog is in detection range, it starts to follow it very aggressively and attempts to explode.

Air mines rescan their surroundings every 5 seconds after they entered chasing mode. If at the time of a rescan another hedgehog happens to be closer, it will start to follow that one instead.

After 10 seconds of chasing a single hedgehog unsuccessfully, it gives up chasing that hedgehog over long distances. However, if any hedgehog comes close again, the air mine starts chasing again.

If the chased hedgehog gets very far away from the air mine (about the quarter of the width of the map “Ropes”), it also stops chasing.

When chasing, the lamp is flashing.


Air mines can be punched or shoved by many attacks, like shoryuken, whip, shotgun or explosions. When shoved, the air mine will become stunned for a few seconds and it emits sparks.

While stunned, the air mine will be unable to chase or explode.


Air mines can be frozen by the freezer when they don't move too fast. Normally, a frozen air mine will become walkable like frozen terrain.
If the air mine was too far away from the main land, the air mine will lose its “floating” capability and just falls to the ground.

A frozen air mine will explode when it takes 1 damage.

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