Rubber Duck

NOTE: As of version 0.9.25, the rubber duck has been removed!


Send those dirty hogs swimming with this innocuous-looking weapon.


The rubber duck is a strategical weapon which can be used to hit hedgehogs at difficult-to-reach locations of nearby water. It swims on water to the direction of the wind. Its speed increases with the wind speed. It explodes immediately when it collides with anything, so it must be dropped from a cliff or directly into water.


  • Damage: 40
  • Timer: 15s
  • Charge to shoot: No
  • Affected by wind:
    • No while falling
    • Yes while on water
  • Can be used in mid-air
  • Can be dropped from rope, flying saucer and parachute
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 3s
  • Crate type: Weapon

How to use

Make sure to be close to water or at a cliff, as it will immediately explode on impact. Pressing the Attack key (default: space bar) will drop the rubber duck.


The rubber duck is dropped like dynamite, explodes immediately on impact and starts swimming on water. If the rubber duck did not explode after 15 seconds, it explodes anyway.

If the rubber duck reaches the Sea world edge, it will follow the path of the Sea. If the rubber duck somehow ended up underwater, it will slowly rise to the surface.


  • 0.9.23: Rubber duck was added
  • 0.9.24: Rubber duck was removed from most schemes and styles as default weapon, including Default, Highlander and Balanced Random Weapon
  • 0.9.25: Rubber duck was removed

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