King Mode

Crown! Crown! Crown! Crown! Crown! Crown! Crown! Crown!

King Mode is one of the game modifiers. In this mode, each team will have a king who is very strong. If he dies, the team loses.


The first hedgehog of each team will be a king and wears a crown. In this document, we call the other hedgehogs “minions”.

Crown! Smile Annoyed Sleepy Smiley Smile Aghh Smile Big Grin

The goal in King Mode is to kill the kings of all opposing teams. Other hedgehogs do not need to be killed to win. Teams which lost their king immediately lose and all their remaining hedgehogs are removed from the game.

In the first round, it is only possible to walk with the king and no weapons or utilities are available except for teleport.


In King Mode, the actual damage dealt basically depends on who attacks whom. Here is a handy overview:


The king


The king is a very unusual hog with many unique properties: The king more weight (it is much harder to push away with force), has more health, deals more damage, and takes less damage from other hedgehogs.


The king takes 50% less damage from attacks, but also deals 50% more damage, and this without extra damage! Note that damage/defenses of other kings is also taken into account in the damage calculation which leads to the numbers in the damage chart above.


Health Pickup

The king's initial health depends on the normal initial health and the number of hedgehogs in the team. The king's final health will then be rounded down. Here is how the king's health relates to the team size:

Hogs in teamInitial king health

For example, if the initial health is 100 and there are 3 hedgehogs, the king will have 112 health.
If the initial health is 200, and there are 4 hedgehogs, the king will start with 300 health.

Health penalty for being alone
If a king is alone in his team, it will lose 5 health (down to 1 health) each turn. This also happens if all his team mates are travellng through time and space (→Time Box).

If the game modifier “Healing at the end of turn” (“reset health”) is enabled as well, being alone also reduces the health level to which the king will be healed to by 5 health each turn.

Other properties

The king is also unable to use the time box.

Kings are also the only hogs in King Mode which wear crowns, of course.

The minions

Smile Annoyed Sleepy Smiley Smile Aghh Smile Big Grin

A minion is every hog who is not a king. For most of the part, they just behave like hedgehogs in Normal mode. Minions don't have any attack or defense modifiers like the king (see damage chart above).

After their king died, they will commit suicide shortly after (as if they reached 0 health).

Minions also can't wear a crown. If the hog would wear a crown according to the team settings, it is removed in King Mode.

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