A team is a group of hedgehogs fighting for victory. Each player controls a team.

Different teams can be allies if they're in the same clan.

A team who loses all its hedgehogs is eliminated from the game, but it might be brought back to life by a resurrector.


Each team can be customized with the team editor in any way you wish.

Each team has:

  • A name
  • Up to 8 hedgehogs
  • A flag
  • A grave
  • A fort (used when playing on the Forts map type)
  • A voice (same for all hedgehogs)

Team data

Teams are also used to progress in the campaigns and missions among some other campaign and mission-related stats. Select a team to play in the campaign/mission screen. The progress is stored on a per-team basis.

Teams are stored in “.hwt” files in the user directory under Teams. Those are simple text files. The file format is explained here on ConfigurationFiles.

Custom controls

You can specify custom controls for your team. If you do this, the default controls will be replaced whenever this team is playing. By default, teams use the default controls that you specify in the main configuration menu.

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