Note: This page is about replay files that you can view in Hedgewars. For the screenrecording feature, see Video.

A demo is a replay of a Hedgewars game that you can re-watch again in Hedgewars.

Start playback

To watch a demo, go to the “play on a single computer” menu, then push the camcorder button.

Note that demos can only be played if they were recorded from a compatible Hedgewars version. Demos from incompatible versions will be hidden in the game.

For example, a demo that was recorded in version 0.9.23 can only be played in Hedgewars 0.9.23.

Watching a demo

When you started a demo playback, you basically act like a spectator. You can do everything that a spectator in a normal game could do.

At the top right screen corner, the demo playback time is shown.

You can speed up the demo playback by holding down the “speed up replay” key (S by default).


After a game, you have the option to save the demo manually.

The last game will automatically be saved under the name “LastRound”, but beware: This file will be overwritten after each game.

If you want to keep more demos automatically, you can enable it in the settings. Just activate this checkbox:

Settings → Advanced → Append date and time to record file name

This not only changes the file name of the automatically saved demos, it will also automatically save demos of all games you played.


Demos are saved in Demos in your user directory. Demo files have the file name suffix “.hwd”.

Demos are usually pretty small in file size.


Share your demos to impress your friends, brag about your skills, show off hilarious shots, and more! Big Grin Just send them the correct files.

You can download and upload demos on our Demos page where the Hedgewars community shared demos with the world.

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